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Substance Abuse, Trauma, Mental Health Treatment, & Psychological Testing

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I help professionals who are questioning if their alcohol/drug use is a problem, or want to reduce or stop their alcohol/drug use.

I help people who have grown up in chaotic environments, or experienced traumatic events (e.g., assaults, combat, racism, etc), and have difficulties with finding safety and trust in the world and with other people.

I also provide psychological testing services for people who want to gain understanding of how they think, feel, learn, and how they interact and interpret their world, as well as those who are interested in emotional support animal services.

Alcohol & Drug Use Concerns

Everybody needs a little something to take the edge off before a big presentation, right? And with a job like yours, who DOESN'T need something to help them sleep? Sometimes a little drink in the morning helps stop the shakes. And you learned your lesson at the last happy hour, so you won't make that mistake again.


Except....Your spouse keeps bugging you about your drinking. It's getting harder to keep the stuff in your desk hidden at work. Your kids have walked in on you using and it's the last thing you want them to see.

You're sick of starting over and swearing off all of it, then picking up again. You're sick of feeling sick and embarrassed the next day. Guilty. This is the one part of your life where you don't feel totally in control, and it sucks, but you're damn well not sitting in AA meetings every night- you’re busy and besides, you don’t feel like you fit in there.


And that's ok. There are other ways to help you get in control or stop drinking or using, whatever your goal may be.


Maybe you grew up in an environment where you felt unsafe and had no one to turn to. You witnessed one parent abuse the other, and felt helpless because you couldn't stop it. Perhaps the caretaker(s) in your life were too busy with their own mental health or substance abuse issues to take care of you. 

Events like sexual assaults, motor vehicle accidents, and combat experiences can drastically change your brain and how you cope with everyday life. 

Maybe your trauma stems from racism -whether overt, covert, or microaggressions. 

Maybe you've experienced all of the above. Whatever the root of the trauma, healing is possible.

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About Me

My name is Ivy Hall and the one thing I am sure of is healing IS possible. People can and have overcome addiction and trauma, repair and engage in relationships, and live a life worth living.

Healing and recovery requires safety- and I provide a safe, warm, and nonjudgmental space so you can focus on what’s most important: working on you. You are the expert in your life- and therefore I collaborate with you to identify your goals and figure out a therapy approach that will fit your world view and address your needs. I provide services online (like Skype) for increased privacy and convenience.

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