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Help for Alcohol and Drug Use

Family members or friends say you have a problem but you're not sure? Your friends drink or use the same amount as you do, so you're wondering if you have an alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

I provide ASSESSMENT to determine if someone has a substance abuse problem, including alcohol addiction and drug addiction.

Not sure if you're ready to commit to substance abuse treatment? Not sure what options are available, how to even start the process? 

I provide CONSULTATION for those who are not ready to commit to substance abuse treatment.

Ready to make a change?

Maybe your relationship is on the brink of divorce, or you're not the spouse/partner or parent you want to be. You're hiding your alcohol or drugs, and it's exhausting to have to keep the secret. You feel sick after using or drinking, ashamed and guilty you're not the person you want to be.

I provide INDIVIDUAL SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT for people who are ready to change or stop their alcohol or drug use. We will work on your personal goal, whether that is complete abstinence or drinking in moderation.


You will gain confidence in your ability to achieve your goal and engage in behaviors that will help you create a rich and meaningful life. You will stop having to hide things and lie- you can be authentically you without guilt or shame. You'll have the energy and motivation to start doing the things are important to you. 

Come as you are: I work from a harm reduction model and meet you where you are- whether you are just wondering whether you have a problem, moderation management, or abstinence support. 

I have used these other strategies to help people stop or feel more in control of their alcohol / drug use. They have improved their relationships with their loved ones. They wake up with energy and motivation, and are confident and thriving at work. They no longer have to hide anything- there’s no shame or guilt.


If you're looking for something concrete- skills, a new way of looking at things, to help you achieve your goals, I can help you. In the words of a former client, "I learned more from you in one day than in 30 days in rehab...why don't they teach these things there?"

Complete the form  to schedule a free 15-minute consult or book here.

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